Fiver Arts is the media name of Nathan Ashworth, a British comic artist & illustrator.
Based in Cambridge UK, I have worked on comics from a young age and have an educational background in art & graphic design.

I am constantly working on a variety of both personal and team projects in all sorts of roles including pencils, inks, colours, page planning and design/development. I work 100% digitally. Photoshop, Illustrator and Paint Tool SAI are my weapons of choice.

I have currently self-published three issues of my comic TAG and hold credits with several writers/editors on ongoing series and anthology work, including Dead Roots, Vs Comics, Afterlife Inc. and Art Heroes’ Halcyon & Tenderfoot series. I also work as an assistant for other comic artists, providing flexible cover to help reach deadlines.

For a full list of my published credits, see my list of team projects.