Need an Artist?

My strong background in arts and graphic design lends me many years of experience working with visual narratives in a team environment. I specialise in digital skills, with Photoshop as my weapon of choice, covering a wide variety of roles. To see my previous credits, check out my team projects list.

I work well with tight deadlines, and also regularly assist other artists in reaching them as an assistant colourist. I can also provide edits and updates to existing artwork.

I’m usually available for hire for the following roles in a comic team:

  • Page layout designer
  • Character concept artist
  • Colourist assistant/flattist
  • Pencils, inks and colours in any combination
  • Full page artist
  • Cover artist

For examples of my artwork, please see my portfolio.

If you’re looking to build a team for a project, or are an established artist who needs a hand with deadlines, get in touch at with details and I’ll get back to you with my availability and quotes asap.