Personal Projects

I started out in comics by making my own webcomics – a lot of those are old & lost now, but I do still have a  few personal projects and concepts I work on on a regular basis!


tagAfter inadvertently becoming ensnared in the phenomenon known as The Authority Game, Micki Morris has just one month to fight her way to the top and keep her promise! Follow her on the exotic island of Kailani as she meets new friends and tries to undo the damage done by a heartless King.

A light-hearted, colourful manga – involves some mild violence, mature themes and a slight case of elf!
Updates wednesday/sunday.

Read more about TAG here!




Hunter & Hare

hnhHunter is a young adult coming out of a youth conviction and a rocky childhood – as part of a community involvement project, he’s enrolled as a special (volunteer) constable in his adoptive father’s police force; a force split by distrust between public and private officers. But when the now ex-chief is arrested for corruption, Hunter pulls a thread that unravels a much darker weave underlying the new chief’s take-over. All the evidence points to one guy: a Korean refugee-turned-information broker known only as Hare.

This story is currently still in development!