Artwork Commissions

I also take commissions for personal and commercial artwork! If you need an illustration for a project, want a portrait for a gift, or just want to see me draw your favourite character, check out my commission info below and get in touch at if you have any questions. Looking to hire me for comic work?


  • Prices are per character!
  • Animals, anthros, armour, weapons, gore, LGBT, nsfw, backgrounds, detail – yes
  • Real people, i.e. you/your mum/actor/etc – yes
  • Collab commissions, character designs, sequentials – yes, ask for rates
  • Deadlines – yes
  • Personal use (not for reproduction, print, or promotion) – yes, prices below
  • Professional contracts for commercial use – yes, please ask for rates
  • Payment – PayPal only (if you live in the UK I might take bank transfers by special request)

All prices are estimates and may vary depending on your request.






Send me an email at detailing:

  • Whether you want a full picture or chibi; bust, knees, full body etc
  • The character(s) or people you want me to draw – please send visual references although I can work from descriptions if necessary (this may cost extra)
  • Small paragraph each on their personality/attitude
  • What sort of poses & expressions you want
  • If you’d like a background
  • If it’s a gift/you need it by a certain date

I will email you back to let you know if I’m accepting your request! You will be kept up to date about any progress made on your image – you can request reasonable edits or corrections at any stage. When it’s done, I’ll send you a high-res file to keep!

A note on payments:

For commissions under £30, all payment is required up front. Over £30 we can negotiate a half before/half later system if necessary. I can’t send out any finished/high-res files until full payment is received.

A note on cancellations:

In the event that I have to cancel a commission I’ve already accepted payment for, a full refund will be returned. If you need to cancel a commission you’ve already paid for, I will refund the paid amount minus processing fees (i.e. Paypal) and a working amount equivalent to the progress made on the image.